to aspire , to seekpretender
to belong topertenecer a
to bitemorder
to combpeinar
to complain (about)quejarse de
to conquer, to defeatvencer
to coughtoser
to covertapar
to deserve, to meritmerecer
to fightpelear
to fight, to struggleluchar
to fillllenar
to fishpescar
to give a giftregalar
to happensuceder
to hateodiar
to hideocultar
to measuremedir
to meow (like a cat)maullar
to mixmezclar
to namenombrar
to obtain, to succeed inlograr
to promiseprometer
to pursue,to persecuteperseguir
to reflectreflejar
to reignreinar
to remain, to be left oversobrar
to renovaterenovar
to resembleparecerse a
to resolve, to solve a problemresolver
to returnregresar
to seem, to appearparecer
to shinelucir
to skatepatinar
to stopparar
to supposesuponer
to surroundrodear
to swallowtragar
to take outsacar
to underlinesubrayar
to wet, to moistenmojar